Who is standing up for Aussie jobs?

There is a lot at stake in both the 9 March WA State Election and the upcoming 14 September Federal election on the jobs and productivity front.

Whether you are wearing a State or Federal hat, when you look at Labor’s versus the Liberal/National’s policies, it’s clear that only Labor has real plans to secure a future with jobs, opportunity and growth for all Australians.

WA has had a massive boom in mining investment – the effects of this are being felt in WA but also right through the Australian economy.  This has been good news for some – but by no means everyone.  For some it’s made life much harder. The high Australian dollar and intense global competition has hit manufacturing, tourism, agriculture and other sectors of the economy.

Both Federal and State Labor have put forward plans which represent a fundamental shift in industry policy, plans which put the needs of workers first and convert Australia’s $268 billion investment pipeline to jobs.

Federal Labor's $1 billion Plan for Australian Jobs is the result of extensive work with business, industry, unions, government, and the research, education and training sectors.

Only Labor understands what we need to do.

In contrast the Liberals and Nationals have no plan – in WA they voted against WA Labor’s Skilled Jobs (Benefits from the Boom) Bill and the Federal Opposition Industry spokesperson, Sophie Mirabella, has committed the Coalition to opposing the Gillard Government's $1 billion Plan for Australian Jobs in its entirety. The Coalition refuses to stand up for Aussie Jobs.

Our natural resources are finite and can only be used once.

Only Labor understands we need to use them to develop a skilled workforce that can create new industries and new jobs for the future – long after the resources construction and mining boom. Only Labor is prepared to stand up for Aussie jobs.

On 28 February you too can stand up for Aussie jobs by attending the rally organised by blue collar unions. The rally starts at 12pm and begins at the Supreme Court Gardens then marching up to Parliament House.

Thank you for your support.