The choice tomorrow could not be clearer

Well, sadly Tony Abbott has already proved us right. I wish it weren’t so, but Tony Abbott’s announcements yesterday, just 48 hours before election day, confirm what we’ve been saying all along.Tony Abbott wants to cut.He wants to cut foreign aid by almost $5 billion, impacting on the lives of millions of very vulnerable people. He also wants to cut specialised legal advice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and funding for important technology research and development.

Almost $500 million would be pulled out of the public service and 12 000 people will lose their jobs.There will be no funding for the passenger rail infrastructure that Western Australia desperately needs, and individual schools - particularly here in WA - will be hundreds of thousands of dollars worse off. And that’s just the start.Tony Abbott has also said that no area of government funding - not health, not education, not the support we provide to the most disadvantaged in our society will be immune from further cuts that may be proposed by his wide-ranging ‘Commission of Audit.’The choice tomorrow could not be clearer.I am proud of the Labor Government I am part of. Labor is committed to funding the nation building infrastructure that a growing State like Western Australia needs - from the NBN, to roads and rail, and investing in our schools. I am proud of our commitment to supporting families, of our commitment to jobs and to the rights of working people.

I am proud of our commitment to addressing climate change. I am also very proud of our record delivering greater fairness and equality, especially our commitment to pursue marriage equality within 100 days of the election.We have fought a hard and a smart campaign and tomorrow we will fight for every vote.

Our campaign has been based on a single, core principle: Labor builds the house up and the conservatives tear it down.Our core message on the polling booths tomorrow to undecided voters is: we have a plan for building Australia’s future and if you have any doubts about how Mr Abbott’s cuts will hit your jobs, your schools, and your hospitals, broadband; don't vote for him.

I would like to thank every single person who believes in our cause, including all those who have worked the WA campaign doing letterboxing, phoning, street stalls, door knocking, fundraising and more.Thanks in advance to all those helping on Election Day. I hope you enjoy it. As Anthony Albanese would say – Let’s go fight some Tories!