Stopping the Liberals' cuts to public services

With Campbell Newman slashing 14,000 jobs in Queensland, we now know what's at the top of the Liberal Party's 'to do' list across Australia:

Slashing community services and public sector jobs.

I recently spoke out against the savage cuts that the Liberals are making here in Western Australia.

You can watch my speech here.

The WA Liberals have made cuts to some of our most important services, like $12 million out of health with a loss of 130 positions, and the threatened $31 million from police.

At the time, WA Police Commissioner said police would have to cut 104 positions and the quality of some services. Since then, the Government has been forced to backflip on the police cuts.

Fighting the cuts together

I've been doing my bit to support our public services federally by meeting CPSU delegates and staff from Perth ATO and visiting the Osborne Park Department of Human Services call centre to discuss staffing issues.

I've also attended serveral briefings with the CPSU in Canberra.

With the State Election approaching, we need to stand together against the WA Liberals' cuts to community services like their privatisation of Midland Health Campus.

If you want to do more to fight the Liberals' cuts, check out the Save Our Services and In Public Hands campaigns.

Best wishes