It has been a great privilege and a considerable pleasure to serve the state of Western Australia in this place since 2008.

There is no greater honour, and no greater responsibility, in our democracy, than to be entrusted by your fellow citizens with the duty to represent them and the opportunity to contribute to the legislation which protects their needs, serves their interests, and shapes our nation.

I thank my fellow West Australians for their trust and for the opportunity given to me to serve them in both the State Legislative Council and the Senate.

I pay tribute to the many community, social justice, business, local government, GLBTI, Women’s, environment and indigenous organisations and advocates I have had the great pleasure of working with and supporting.

I also want to say what a great honour it has been to work with indigenous custodians who have welcomed me to country around my state and the nation.

I have seen too much poverty and hardship in WA’s indigenous communities, but also extraordinary, resilience and leadership and vision.

Thanks to all of those indigenous leaders and elders who have taught me so much about the indigenous cultural economies that they are working so hard to develop.  In particular I wish the indigenous ranger program well.

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