South Hedland Working to Close the Gap

Louise Pratt, Senator for Western Australia, today congratulated South Hedland Hostel for their work which has been recognised in this year’s Closing the Gap Prime Minister’s Report.

Closing the Gap is a national effort focused on ending Indigenous disadvantage and South Hedland Hostel is playing a valuable role in ensuring this outcome is achieved.

Senator Pratt said "The Gillard Government is committed to improving outcomes for Indigenous people in important areas including health and education.”

South Hedland Hostel is helping to address Indigenous disadvantage by providing quality medical services to renal outpatients.

“I pay tribute to the hard work and efforts made by South Hedland Hostel which show how the community, local organisations and government are working together to close the gap.”

The Council of Australian Government’s Closing the Gap framework includes six ambitious targets that relate to life expectancy, child mortality, education and employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“We are committed to the Closing the Gap targets because we knew that previous haphazard approaches to ending Indigenous disadvantage had not been good enough,” said Senator Pratt.

Media contact: Senator Pratt’s office (08) 9225 4411