Time to Fight Liberal Attacks on West Australians

This is an important time for Labor. A time for us to keep campaigning and reminding West Australians of what we have always known and always told them – that is it is only Labor that can be trusted with the household budget, with our workplaces, our health system, our hospitals, our schools, universities, jobs and opportunities. The West Australian public are now confronted with the truth of what we have told them. That we were right. The Coalition was lying all along. They outright lied and made false promises in not one but two election campaigns here in WA in the last six months.  Before these elections Tony Abbott promised no cuts to education, no cuts to health, and no changes to pensions, no cuts to the ABC or SBS and no new taxes. Tony Abbott broke every single one of these promises in this month’s Budget. Continue reading

Abbott's Xmas Present

We have seen this week how Tony Abbott and the Coalition government have been stockpiling bad news and dodgy political appointments till just before Christmas. It’s no surprise that the government has saved all this bad news till now as they try to avoid the scrutiny of Parliament.  Now the wrapping is off, we can see what we always expected to see from this government. Continue reading

Gonski - Gone

This week in Parliament I spoke about how Labor stands for a fairer, more accessible and quality education. A good education is the best creator of opportunity in our society. It’s why in Government we put forward our $15 billion Better Schools Plan to enable the next generation of Australians  to reach their full potential. If ever there was an example of a Government abandoning the next generation we have seen it this week with Tony Abbott’s broken election promise to support Labor’s education funding reform on a “unity ticket”. Continue reading

Coalition fails Better Schools Test

Have you heard what’s happened? "As a teacher for nearly three decades, it’s absolutely ridiculous to find out that the Coalition Government yesterday announced that they “cannot go ahead with the Gonski funding arrangements”.  The Better Schools reform was set to deliver more resources for our kids and provide greater support for students who needed it most. It’s about making sure that none of my students are left behind no matter what their circumstances are. Now all of that is under threat." Deb BoughtonHead Teacher of Technology and Applied Sciences You could not get a clearer example of this than Colin Barnett cla Continue reading

The choice tomorrow could not be clearer

Well, sadly Tony Abbott has already proved us right. I wish it weren’t so, but Tony Abbott’s announcements yesterday, just 48 hours before election day, confirm what we’ve been saying all along.Tony Abbott wants to cut.He wants to cut foreign aid by almost $5 billion, impacting on the lives of millions of very vulnerable people. He also wants to cut specialised legal advice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and funding for important technology research and development. Continue reading