Marriage equality debated in the Senate

This week, I was one of four Labor Senators to introduce the Marriage Amendment Bill (No 2) 2012 into the Senate.

If passed, the Bill will implement marriage equality and remove, once and for all, discrimination against GLBTI people and their relationships.

As the first Labor speaker on the Bill, I delivered a plea on behalf of GLBTI people everywhere, asking Senators to recognise our humanity and equality.

"All we ask, is that you stop pretending... that our relationships are not as real as yours, our love as true, our children as cherished, our families as precious. Because they are."

You can watch my full speech here.

It is likely that the Bill will come to a vote later this week. You can follow the debate in the Senate by tuning in live here.

I want to thank everyone who has supported the campaign for marriage equality. I will keep working with you until we make it a reality.

Best wishes