MacTiernan versus Abbott? Yes I'd like to see that!

Alannah is a fighter who gets things done. It’s why I, like many others, am proud to see Alannah MacTiernan preselected by Labor for the Federal Seat of Perth.  Alannah is a great public transport champion and, as WA Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, oversaw a record expansion and upgrade of passenger rail here in WA.

On the same day Alannah was preselected for Perth, Tony Abbott was in WA saying that we cannot expect a cent from him for WA’s public transport system!

The difference between Labor and Liberal couldn’t be more stark.

Tony Abbott has said, “….the Commonwealth has been in the business of funding national infrastructure and that means roads of national significance, it means freight rail, but it doesn’t mean urban rail, commuter rail.”

In contrast, Federal Labor has made a substantial commitment to passenger rail here in WA with $236 million towards the sinking of the city link railway line.

There is more to do which is why Labor has budgeted $500 million dollars for either the MAX light rail or the Airport Rail.

Tony Abbott has also confirmed the biggest lie of the State Election Campaign.  State Labor’s MetroNet proposal was fully costed, fully funded. Meanwhile, Barnett’s’ costing relied on the Federal Government to fund 80 per cent of his Airport Rail and 50 per cent of his Max light rail – despite the fact that Tony Abbott has said he won’t pay a cent!

To win the battle for more public transport we must win the next election. It’s a fight we must win to put Perth on a path to sustainability and tackle our growing congestion problem.

I know that with Alannah on our team it’s a fight we can win!

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And my fight for the Senate!

Louise Pratt