Leaders debate shows its time for Marriage Equality

As tonight’s debate confirms marriage equality will be a key issue for the election on September seven.

Rainbow Labor is delighted that the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd has made a commitment to ensuring a marriage equality bill comes before the Parliament within 100 days of the election. 

This commitment shows that Kevin Rudd is a positive leader who can address the social and economic challenges and opportunities of the future.

Senator Pratt said, “We have in Kevin Rudd a Prime Minister who understands that marriage equality is about protecting the importance of the institution of marriage into the future.  If it is to survive it needs to be available to all committed couples.

“In contrast, Tony Abbott when asked about this issue could only reflect on his previous opposition to it. He failed to offer any commitment or a path forward.

“There is NO commitment from the coalition to allow a conscience vote after the election. Tony Abbott is and remains the only impediment to making progress on this issue. His response during the debate simply served as a reminder that he is stuck in the past, has no vision and cannot lead.”

Rainbow Labor Convenor Neil Pharoah said, “Lack of Marriage Equality here makes Australia a difficult place for corporates to move their workers to. It hurts us economically and shows us backwards compared to other nations. Kevin Rudd has a vision for productivity and growth in our nation – this includes making Australia a place where we value equality and create a great place to live for everyone.

“We are proud in the Labor Party to have a leader who is on the right side of history. We know that marriage equality is an issue of importance to thousands of Australians and that it will influence their vote. It’s important that if people support marriage equality they use their vote to help secure this important reform by getting behind Kevin Rudd.

“We are certainly looking forward to getting out and campaigning on the issue. People can join the campaign by visiting www.itstimeformarriageequality.org.”

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