Geraldton is switched on! NBN starts today

Senator for Western Australia, Louise Pratt today joined Minister for Regional Communications, Sharon Bird in a National Broadband Network (NBN) switch on event in Geraldton.

“This brings the next phase of Geraldton’s NBN to fruition giving people in Geraldton access to faster broadband over the National Broadband Network than many Australians currently get in our big cities,” Senator Pratt said.

For businesses it will mean a boost in productivity and the ability to branch out into new online markets.

For education it means students will have the world’s library at their fingertips.

It will provide people with better access to health care, including the opportunity to consult with a specialist on the other side of the country through high definition video conferencing.

As highlighted by Geraldton Regional Medical Service CEO, Deborah Woods “The NBN is a real break-through for rural and remote health services. It is the way forward to connect patients with clinics and specialists where and when they need it.”

“The Geraldton community has embraced the NBN from its inception and I welcome the fact that Geraldton is one of the communities getting an early switch on.” Senator Pratt said.

Under Labor’s NBN, connection is free because we believe everyone deserves access to fast, affordable, reliable broadband.

Under Tony Abbott, families will be forced to pay up to $5,000 or be left disconnected from Labor’s NBN.

Tony Abbott will cancel the construction of the NBN to millions of homes, including in our area, and they will be left on ageing copper wires which will not meet our needs.

I’ll be working hard to ensure that Geraldton is not left behind.