Faster broadband for Geraldton

Senator for Western Australia, Louise Pratt today welcomed the Gillard Government’s announcement that all Australians will now have access to faster speeds on the National Broadband Network (NBN) than they can get today over the ageing copper network, following an upgrade to the NBN’s fixed wireless and satellite services.

NBN fixed wireless along with the long term satellite services will now provide speeds of 25 megabits per second (Mbps) download and 5 Mbps upload.

This upgrade represents a doubling of speeds for both the NBN’s fixed wireless and long term satellite services, ensuring better quality broadband services for the people of Geraldton.

Geraldton residents will now be able to access significantly faster speeds than what is available now through ADSL services.

“This means that people in Geraldton will now have access to faster broadband over the National Broadband Network than many Australians currently get in our big cities,” Senator Pratt said.

The upgrade will lead to improved education and health services for regional and remote Australia, as well as greater opportunities for small businesses and agriculture. It will allow high-quality video conferencing, making it easier to work remotely and access health and education services.

“For example, people in Geraldton could see a specialist doctor, without leaving home, or a child at a remote school could take a specialist class offered at a school in the city, thanks to the NBN,” Senator Pratt said.

“People in Geraldton can already connect to the NBN via a fixed wireless service. One customer has said that with the NBN, ‘we’re paying a lot less to get a faster and better service – it’s wonderful’. i More than 1,700 Western Australians have also signed up to the NBN’s interim satellite service.”

“The price for customers for the 25/5 Mbps service on fixed wireless and satellite will be the same as that charged for 25/5 Mbps fibre services at around $40 per month.

“The Gillard Government is delivering on our commitment of uniform national wholesale pricing for broadband services. This means people living in Geraldton will pay the same wholesale price for the same NBN service as people in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane,” Senator Pratt said.

“For too long, people living in Geraldton have had to put up with slow, unreliable internet services—if they could get a connection at all. But thanks to the Gillard Government’s investment in the NBN, all Australians, no matter where they live, will have access to faster broadband services,” Senator Pratt said.

The 25/5 Mbps service will be available on the fixed wireless network from as early as June this year and from the start of operation of the long term satellite service in 2015.

Media contact: Senator Pratt’s office (08) 9255 4411