WA wants DisabilityCare Australia

Senator for Western Australia, Louise Pratt today called on West Australian Liberal Premier, Colin Barnett, to stop playing politics and sign up to DisabilityCare Australia.

West Australians with disability, their families and carers want Premier Barnett to sign up to DisabilityCare Australia,” Senator Pratt said. Currently Colin Barnett is leaving thousands of people with disability in WA who don't have support out in the cold.

The fact that the Premier thinks that the WA system is better than DisabilityCare isn’t a reason not to join, we should be participating in DisabilityCare so the rest of the country can learn from the things we do well here.

In the meantime what the Premier’s refusal really means is that thousands of people who would be eligible under DisabilityCare will keep missing out on the support they need.

At the moment we have a lottery here in WA – you can be in desperate need but not eligible for support simply because of how you acquired your disability. DisabilityCare will fix this.

The DisabilityCare will also create a scheme that’s portable across the whole country. People with disability and their families won’t be able to move too or from WA with any kind of certainly until WA joins the scheme.

“More than 90 per cent of Australia is now covered by DisabilityCare Australia, yet here in Western Australia we’re still waiting.

“The national disability insurance scheme, DisabilityCare Australia is the reform of a generation and has the potential to transform the lives of people with disability, their families and carers.

“People in WA deserve the certainty that if they or a loved one is born with or acquires a disability they will get the same high quality care and support as someone living in Newcastle, Ipswich or Geelong.

“Enough’s enough Premier – Western Australia needs to sign up to DisabilityCare Australia.”

DisabilityCare Australia will give people with disability choice and control over the care and support they receive.

The Gillard Government has reached historic agreements for the full scheme roll out of DisabilityCare Australia with the governments of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.

The Gillard Government will continue to work towards the national roll out of DisabilityCare Australia, so that all Australians can know that if they have, or acquire, a disability they will have their needs met in a way that enables them to live with choice and dignity.

Media contact:  Senator Pratt’s office 0417 175 220