Cross Party Support for Marriage Equality

I am proud today to have come together today with Senators Sue Boyce from the Coalition and Sarah Hanson Young from the Greens to form a cross party group to advance Marriage equality in the Australian Parliament.

This week we have seen a celebration of love and commitment right around Canberra with many couples making solemn vows to each other in the ACT. Some of those couples joined with us at the launch today to remind us of how important equal marriage laws are.

It’s why we have made a commitment to working together to move the Parliament to majority support for marriage equality, just as there is majority support in the community.

The goal of marriage equality will only be realised by working together across the Parliament and allowing all Members and Senators to vote according to their conscience will grow support.

These laws cannot be rushed before the numbers are there, what is required from us is to build momentum and support for marriage equality inside the Parliament.

It is vital that Australians in support of marriage equality understand that irrespective of the High Court's decision tomorrow on the status of the ACT's marriage laws parliamentarians in our National Parliament will remain committed to ensuring that all Australians will have access to equal marriage.

Media contact: Louise Pratt   0417175220