Coalition Fails Better Schools Test

Have you heard what’s happened?

As a teacher for nearly three decades, it’s absolutely ridiculous to find out that the Coalition Government yesterday announced that they “cannot go ahead with the Gonski funding arrangements”. 

The Better Schools reform was set to deliver more resources for our kids and provide greater support for students who needed it most. It’s about making sure that none of my students are left behind no matter what their circumstances are. Now all of that is under threat. 

Deb Boughton
Head Teacher of Technology and Applied Sciences


You could not get a clearer example of this than Colin Barnett claiming in Parliament that “Gonski is dead” Colin Barnett did not tell the people of Western Australia before the state election that he intended to cut three per cent of the budget from every school around the state. He did not tell those schools that he was going to fund his government by imposing a levy on all schools of $600 for every teacher and $400 for other staff within the school. He did not tell the people of WA that he was going to impose a tax of $4000 per child educating the children of guest workers.

Today the Federal Minister for Education Christopher Pyne confirmed that the Abbott Government plans to rip up the six year Gonski agreements in the five jurisdictions that had already signed up. So gone is any incentive for Colin Barnett to lift his game and do the right thing by Western Australian students. Any accountability that Colin Barnett had within the National Coalition to lift his game and do the right thing has been destroyed.

Louise Pratt, Senator for Western Australia


Can you sign this petition and tell Tony Abbott you want better schools?

What makes it even worse was that not only are they just cutting funding for our kids, but Tony Abbott and the Coalition lied about it. During the election, they declared they were on a “unity ticket” with Labor’s plan for Better Schools, but now it just seems they want students and schools to get by with even less.

The NSW Government has already stood up to say that they will fight any changes, but we need to send Tony Abbott and Colin Barnett a clear message: we want our Better Schools.

Click here to sign this petition and tell the Coalition: my kids deserve better schools.

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