Climate Action

Here are my notes from the Climate Change rally I spoke at in Perth on the 17th of November. It's close to what I said! It was great to see a great crowd of some 5000 people in Russell Square.

"Today we are taking a stand with tens of thousands of Australians right around the country.

Today we are taking a stand because we know we are at critical cross roads on climate change action in our country.

We as a nation can play or art in taking responsible action on climate change or we can be dragged backwards by Conservative leaders – who in effect are climate change deniers.

This month, John Howard tell a London audience that those of us who accept that climate change is real are a bunch of “religious zealots”, and that he’ll trust his “instinct” rather than the overwhelming evidence of 97% of the world’s climate scientists.

Labor’ position on climate change is clear. We accept the science of climate change and we believe we need to do something about it.

Sadly Tony Abbott does not.

Tony Abbott’s has put forward a Bill before the Parliament that removes the legal cap on pollution and allows the big polluters open slather. Instead of polluters paying, Tony Abbott is setting up a slush fund of billions of taxpayer dollars to hand to polluters.

Experts agree this will cost households more while failing to cut pollution.

It will also leave our jobs and industry without the tools they need to adjust to the carbon constrained future that we know will come.

We can’t afford to fall behind the rest of the world on action on climate change.

It will not only cost our environment, but families and the economy too.

So today I am proud to stand with all of you.

I and my Labor colleagues will continue to stand up in Parliament for strong action on climate change – alongside Millions of other Australians who are committed to meaningful climate action; reducing emissions, investing in renewable energy and sustainable solutions."