C’mon Colin. Do your bit to give WA the Stronger, Smarter, Fairer future we deserve

The Budget handed down this week shows just what’s at stake as we head towards the September election. This budget shows Labor’s commitment to keeping our economy strong, making the smart investments for our future and giving every Australian gets a fair go.

A stronger economy with Labor’s record $6.9 billion investment on infrastructure in Western Australia. No previous Government has invested so much to improve the State’s infrastructure.

A smart and fairer future for WA schools with the Gonski funding reforms.

And a fair go for people with disability though DisabilityCare Australia.

We have a choice – a choice between protecting jobs and making the smart investments for the future. Or an Abbott Government that intends to cut to the bone at the cost of both jobs, growth and fairness in our nation. 

The budget is also choice for Western Australia – and Colin Barnett

  • Labor thinks it’s time to get dangerous road trains servicing the North West away
    from tourist traffic in our Swan Valley and build the Swan Valley Bypass.
    ($418.3 million from the Commonwealth) It’s now Colin's turn to stand by his election promise of the 27 February and fund his share of this important project.
  • It's also time to sign up and join the National Disability Insurance Scheme and to stop leaving thousands of people with disability in WA who don't have support out in the cold.
  • Time to give Western Australian students a fair go with the National Plan for School
  • Time to stop playing politics and sign the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness - you asked for the money but still won't sign the partnership.

Come on Colin! Don't leave WA behind.  Tony Abbott doesn't have a plan for a Stronger, Smarter, Fairer WA.

It’s time for Colin to get with the program and help give Western Australians the future we deserve.