Buswell wants to hit households with greater tax burden

Senator Louise Pratt has hit out at State Treasurer Troy Buswell after he spoke of tax reform being “hamstrung by parameters” in Canberra today.

“The parameters he is talking about is Labor’s refusal to look at increasing the GST and expanding it to cover basic things like food, education and aids for people with disability.

“Labor makes no excuses for refusing to put these costs on the table for discussion as part of tax reform – we don’t want to see an increase or expansion of the GST that would increase costs imposed on households,” Senator Pratt said.

"WA Premier Colin Barnett and State Treasurer Troy Buswell, in arguing to put these issues on the table, essentially want us to discuss “hamstringing” households with increased costs.

“Colin Barnett and Troy Buswell are clearly playing the game as directed by Joe Hockey and are out campaigning for an increase in the GST.

“Hiking up the GST is not good tax reform – it’s lazy tax reform – it’s a regressive tax that hits hardest those who can least afford to pay. It’s just not reform.

“Buswell and Barnett need to stand up for WA by arguing for a system that recognises WA needs – not one that grabs more money straight out of the hands of WA’s households,” Senator Pratt said.

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