Abbott's Xmas Present

We have seen this week how Tony Abbott and the Coalition government have been stockpiling bad news and dodgy political appointments till just before Christmas. It’s no surprise that the government has saved all this bad news till now as they try to avoid the scrutiny of Parliament. 

Now the wrapping is off, we can see what we always expected to see from this government.

Labor is calling them out for their broken promises every step of the way.

Today we heard the Abbott Government will blow out debt to over $460 billion over the forward estimates. They have tried to point the figure at Labor but what’s really on display are the Abbott Government’s values and priorities. 

Since they were elected, Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott have given tax breaks to large multinational corporations, big tax breaks to people with super balances over $2 million and tax breaks for those who borrow to invest overseas.

This has meant a $13.7 billion hit to the Budget bottom line.

At the same time Abbott has introduced cuts targeted at the most vulnerable in our community

Here is a small taste of the cuts from this government so far:

  • Trades Training Centres – Cut
  • Community Infrastructure Program – Gone
  • Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits commission – Slashed
  • Funding to The Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia – Gone
  • After school care program - Cut
  • Fair wages for aged care and childcare workers - Gone

We know there are more cuts to come.

They have also hurt small businesses by removing the instant asset write-off, and hurt low and middle income earners who now have to pay super tax on their contributions.

Labor had a Budget that was set to return to surplus in 2016-17. Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey don’t have a plan beyond blaming Labor.

Hidden among all this today was more bad news, dodgy political appointments for Sophie Mirabella and Tim Wilson as Human Rights Commissioner. (Mr Wilson is a member of the right wing think tank Institute of Public Affairs, which has advocated the abolition of the Human Rights Commission)

On the bright side it’s very clear that the Australian public can see straight through the wrapping of Tony Abbott’s Christmas gift to the Nation.

And Labor will keep fighting for the economically sustainable and just Australia in which we believe.