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High Court Decision Just a Temporary Defeat

I am very disappointed in today's decision of the High Court to strike down the ACT's marriage equality laws. It’s a saddening contrast to the celebration of love and commitment we saw in Canberra on the weekend as many joyous couples made their vows. However, this is just a temporary defeat. There are positive outcomes from the ruling, one of which is that the decision makes it clear that the Federal Parliament does have the capacity to legislate for marriage equality. Secondly, the ruling also leaves it open for Australian States and Territories to legislate provided their laws do not overlap with Federal law in the way the ACT law does. Continue reading

Cross Party Support for Marriage Equality

I am proud today to have come together today with Senators Sue Boyce from the Coalition and Sarah Hanson Young from the Greens to form a cross party group to advance Marriage equality in the Australian Parliament. This week we have seen a celebration of love and commitment right around Canberra with many couples making solemn vows to each other in the ACT. Some of those couples joined with us at the launch today to remind us of how important equal marriage laws are. Continue reading