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Speaking Up for Australia's Clean Energy Future

The Labor Party and Labor senators oppose the Clean Energy Legislation (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill and related bills. Why? Because Labor's position on climate change is very clear. It is a clear position based on scientific evidence and sound economic principles. We on this side of the chamber understand the need to reduce the risk of dangerous climate change by cutting dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. We on this side of the chamber understand that the best way to do this is to recognise the real cost of pollution in the bottom line of our nation's polluters, and this is best achieved through a market based mechanism. Labor established such a mechanism and in the short time of operation this mechanism has delivered cuts to emissions with no negative effect on inflation and continued employment and economic growth. Continue reading

Western Australian Senate Election

The determination by the High Court on 20 February provides a fresh opportunity for the voters of WA to elect six senators to represent them in the Federal Parliament. A fresh opportunity to make sure every vote is counted. It’s also an opportunity for the people of Western Australia to vote for representation that will hold the Abbott Government to account. “We need a Senate that can hold Tony Abbott and Colin Barnett to account for their broken promises on WA schools, the NBN and much needed public transport infrastructure to ease congestion” said Senator Louise Pratt. Continue reading