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Senate Election

Western Australian Senate Election - media conference 16 April 2014 Well good morning and thank you for joining me here this morning. While the count is continuing it is increasingly clear that the ALP will not hold its second Senate seat here in Western Australia. Clearly this is a difficult realisation for me and for the Labor Party. However, the prospective loss of Labor’s second seat at this election is most difficult for all those Australians who needed the insurance of a stronger Senate in order to hold back the Abbott Governments agenda. All of those who will be affected by Abbott’s cuts to education, to health, to pensions – and his attacks on working condition and penalty rates. And for all of us who will be affected by the Abbott government’s lack of meaningful action on climate change – damaging both the environment and our economy. Contrary to the statements of Senator elect Joe Bullock, it is ONLY Labor that can be trusted to look after working people and their families. Sadly for Labor to be reduced to just one senator out of six at the last senate election is a devastating blow to our capacity to do so. It is also a great personal blow it is a blow to progressive voters that I would be replaced in the Senate by someone who I have known over many decades to be deeply homophobic, to be anti-choice and  has recently emerged, to be disloyal to the very party he has been elected to represent. Continue reading

WA Senate Campaign Launch

I’d like to start by acknowledging that we meet on Nyoongah land, and pay my respects to elders past and present. Ladies and gentlemen, Friends of the Labor movement, It’s my  great honour to welcome all of you here today. Continue reading